Scrap My Car Near Me

Is There a Place to Scrap My Car Near Me?

In my travels, I've always found that there is a place to scrap my car near me. These locations are usually junkyards, which may also go by the term "salvage yards." They buy entire junk cars, and then go over them to find the parts that seem like they'll still be good. These good parts are then resold for low prices to people on tight budgets, those who seek OEM parts, and people who can't find parts for their old cars anywhere else. Because parts are constantly being sold, salvage yards are always looking for more junk cars in order to get more inventory.

Very rarely is an entire car truly "scrapped," which is to say, broken down into raw scrap metal and recyclable plastics. However, in strong recycling markets, this is also a possibility. Then, selling the car to a recycling company is also a way to scrap my car near me.