Places That Buy Cars for Cash

Are There Still Places that Buy Cars for Cash?

Thanks to changes in the recyclables market, it is no longer common to see signs advertising companies that buy cars for cash. Do places that buy cars for cash even still exist? The answer is yes. They just aren't as desperate as they used to be.

The signs begging for cars came about due to a prior spike in the prices that could be gained for metal scrap. Recycling companies were paying so much that people could get junk cars and resell them for hundreds of dollars of profit. Now, those companies aren't as eager to get metal, and in turn, small businesses aren't as eager to get old cars for recycling.

Now, your best bet is to go to the old standby – the junkyard. These companies use junk cars for more than plain metal recycling, so they still need them. You can be sure that you can sell a junk car there.