New Travel Trailers

Is it Better to Buy New Travel Trailers?

As with cars, there are benefits to both new and used versions of travel trailers. New travel trailers have no wear on them, so they are likely to last a long time without any mechanical issues. They may also look better, again thanks to the lack of wear. A manufacturer's warranty is almost surely in force, as well. For these reasons, many people choose to buy new ones.

Used trailers, like used cars, can be great deals. However, you may also find that there are hidden (or not so hidden) issues that need to be addressed before they can be fully enjoyed. The main benefit of a used one is the lower purchase price.

If you intend to use your RV often or for a long time, it's usually best to choose from a selection of new travel trailers. These will serve you well for years, and you can rest assured that nothing underneath is already worn out.