Car Salvage Yards

How do Car Salvage Yards Work?

Typically, car salvage yards obtain whole cars from private sellers, insurance companies, and other sources that have decided to "junk" their cars instead of selling them for continued driving. These cars may be old, might have been in wrecks, or might have a single problem like a blown engine. In all cases, they are unlikely to be able to be restored for reasonable amounts of money, so they are sent to salvage yards instead.

Once at the yard, they are gone over for parts that may still be working. In many cases, the cars may have bad engines or transmissions, but hundreds of other components that are still fine. The good parts are then pulled off, either by customers or staff, and sold for low prices. This makes it easy for people to keep their older cars running without breaking the bank. Salvage yards are also the only source for certain OEM parts.